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How To: Record and play back mouse cursor movement in VB.Net

Some of you might be searching for a application which can record mouse movements and keystrokes of keyboard and repeat it as many times as you want to and get a hotkey for it to play. You need to get two form boxes , two timers, two text boxes, one record and one play back box, one X box and one Y box. record button is actually called rec , play back button is actually called ply. Mouse X is for your 1st list box , mouse Y is for your 2nd list box, the name says it all list X is for adding t...

How To: Make a simple port scanner in VB.Net

This is a Computers & Programming video tutorial where you will learn how to make a simple port scanner in VB.Net. It detects all the open ports on your network. Open up a Form1 and you will have a ListBox1, a ‘Start’ and a ‘Stop’ button and a blank text box. There is also a Timer1 button at the bottom. Thereafter, the video shows the various parts of the code on the screen. Then click on Debugging, and click ‘Start’. The system starts scanning ports starting with port 1. In the video it show...

How To: Create VB.Net programs from the ground up

Check out this eight-part VB.Net video tutorial to see how to create a program from the ground up using VB.Net in Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition. You'll need Internet access for this task, like most other tasks. Start a new program and get watching. If you're new to VB.Net program development, than this is just the spot.

How To: Make a calendar in VB.Net

You can create a calendar for your computer using It is extremely easy and very quick to make this for yourself. First you're going to select 'month calendar' and click that into your form area. Now center the box closer to the calendar, and change the name of your application to monthly calendar. Now all you need to do is test the application. Go up to the Start Debugging button and make sure everything is good with that. That's all you need to do-now you have your very own little ca...

How To: Create a program for sending spam and email bombs in Visual Basic 2008

Looking for a program that will let you send out mass emails or spam? Or maybe you're just looking for a way to prank your friends or get revenge by sending them an email bomb? If you have Visual Basic 2008, you can write your own program that will ensure the recipient never forgets what you sent them! This video gives you the basic code to set up the program, and you can tailor it to your own needs quite easily.

How To: Transfer items from a list box in VB.Net

This how to video is about how to transfer items from List box To Listbox by using two different forms. This video is set to some interesting techno music in the background. It is presented by VB net. The man who made this video made it because of a request he received the night before from someone. This is a tutorial that is an on screen video of a computer screen probably using some form of hypercam to show the process. He creates a random list of items in each of the list boxes and forms i...

How To: Use save file & stream writer w/ a list box in VB.Net

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to Use save file dialog and stream writer with a list box in VB.Net. Open up a ListBox and you will have a ListBox1 with a blank text box, Add Item and Save Item buttons on your screen. It will also have a save file button at the bottom. On the top of the panel, click Form1 and thereafter, the video shows the various parts of the code on the screen. Then click on Debugging, and add text in the blank text box and click Add Item....

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