How To: Use save file & stream writer w/ a list box in VB.Net

Use save file & stream writer w/ a list box in VB.Net

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to Use save file dialog and stream writer with a list box in VB.Net. Open up a ListBox and you will have a ListBox1 with a blank text box, Add Item and Save Item buttons on your screen. It will also have a save file button at the bottom. On the top of the panel, click Form1 and thereafter, the video shows the various parts of the code on the screen. Then click on Debugging, and add text in the blank text box and click Add Item. The text gets added to the ListBox1. Repeat the process for all text you want to add and finally click on Save Item, give it a file name and Save. That's it. For checking, you can go to your C drive, locate the file, open it and see that the text is there.

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