How To: Make a calendar in VB.Net

Make a calendar in VB.Net

You can create a calendar for your computer using It is extremely easy and very quick to make this for yourself. First you're going to select 'month calendar' and click that into your form area. Now center the box closer to the calendar, and change the name of your application to monthly calendar. Now all you need to do is test the application. Go up to the Start Debugging button and make sure everything is good with that. That's all you need to do-now you have your very own little calendar in Microsoft's Visual Basic 2008 Edition.

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i'm making a .net application as my thesis project..i'm having a trouble connecting to my database which is the mysql, i already download the database connector and i already installed it but still it doesn't work,, can somebody help me regarding on this?..thank you in advance :D

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